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Check all sections in the AISC Library for combined stress.

Steel Columns Checker is an easy-to-use design aid tool that speeds up the trial and error involved in structural steel columns design. The app performs the unitary check, in bulk, of all sections contained within the AISC v14 Shapes Database. It also allows you to check for a given, specific column (if the column designation appears in the searchable PASSING COLUMNS window, the column section is ok).

Compression, Compression + Strong Axis Bending & Compression + Bi-Axial Bending load cases can easily & quickly be checked with the tool.


Created by the same developers of [steel] & The META Calculator! This is high quality code!

- Contains the latest AISC v14 Database.

Supports both US Custom or Metric Unit systems.

- Searchable & Sortable Results page

- Works with any Yield value below 65ksi / 450 MPa.

- Solve for all the sections for a given type, the first 10 or 50 (in increasing weight order), saving calculation time for shape types with a large number of designations (W, HSS, 2L, etc)

- All your preferences are instantly saved, no need to re-enter a value that does not change between problems.

- Multi-Tasking enabled, pick up your work from where you left it last time.

- ASD9 based solver

Only singly or doubly symmetric shapes are considered, hence, single angles are not included in this release. Double angles (2L) sections are included BUT assumed to be under continuos contact.

Whether you are in the field or in the office, we are sure that you'll find this app very useful.

Should you find any errors or bugs, please contact us at www.TheMobileEngineer.com or email the developer at david@TheMobileEngineer.com and we will immediately get to fix it.

As always, GOOD engineering judgement & experience is needed when using these types of technical applications.

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