›The META Calculator: Specialized calculator for Students, Engineers, Architects & Trademen

The META Calculator is an extremely flexible tool designed for students, engineers, architects & other tradesmen.

As its name implies, it computes, for many common shapes & in real time, their Geometrical, Mechanical, Volume, Weights & Surface properties.

The current version contain 23 section shapes, for which 21 properties are obtained in real time.

One of the features that sets the META Calculator apart from other mobile tools: 100% flexible UNITS! You can mix the input and output units at YOUR convenience.

Input a thickness in inches or millimeters, length in feet, yards or meters, unit weight in pci, pcf or kg/m^3.

Output can be customized as well at your heart's will. Set Inertias to in^4 or cm^4, weight per unit length in lbs or Kg, total weight in tons or tonnes!

Just tap the label for the output in the expandable output list and it will cycle throughout the available units.

All units are remembered accordingly until changed or the application if reset from the info page.

You can also use the bundled Gauge Picker to select any dimension among 15 international Gauge Standard.

There is also a user-editable materials database from which many common materials can be selected.

Sections included:

- Square - Rectangle - Square tube
- Rectangular tube - Solid circle - Ellipse
- Pipe by diameters - Pipe by diam/thickness - Hexagon by height
- Hexagon by side - Octagon by height - Octagon by side
- I-Beam - Tapered I-Beam - Asymmetric I-beam
- T-beam - Semi-tapered T - Tapered T
- C channel - Equal Leg L section - Unequal Leg L
- Isosceles trapezoid - Parallelogram

Output for any section:

- Area
- Perimeter
- XX, YY & Polar Moments of Inertia
- XX, YY & Polar Radius or gyration
- Xo & Yo distances to neutral axis
- Section modulus to top, bottom, left and right of neutral axis.
- Volume per piece and total volume
- Weight per piece
- Weight per piece per unit length
- Total Weight
- Surface area per piece per unit length (outer wall)
- Total surface area per piece (outer wall), including area of end faces

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