[sheets & wires]: fast weight, volume & mil calculator for sheets, flats & wires*


- Quickly select any thickness from the bundled gauge libraries on the main screen, this thickness can be modified at any time. For non-standards thicknesses, you can just pick any random one and overwrite it on the input / output screen.

- Select a material from the bundled library or enter your own custom weight (user expandable database on the way!).

- Input the Top surface area per sheet / length per wire & the number of pieces.

You obtain in real time, as you modify any parameter, in both Metric & Imperial Systems:

Sheet/Flat Wire
· Thickness
· Sheet side area per unit length
· Volume per sheet
· Total volume
· Weight per Sheet
· Total Sheet Group Weight
· Diameter
· Mil, Circular Mil & Square Mil
· Wire cross section area
· Wire volume
· Total Volume
· Weight per wire
· Total wire group weight

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