›[steel hd]: universal structural steel reference for the american, canadian & UK market

[steel hd] for ipad is the combination of all our structural steel reference apps available for iphone.

It combines all libraries from [steel], [steel] Canada & [steel uk], adapted for the ipad's spacious screen.

• FULL USE OF SCREEN REAL ESTATE: no need to switch between designations / details / library switching and sorting pages as in the iphone. All information and features are immediately accessible from the main screen.


- Current Version 14 & 14-SI
- Version 13.1.1 & 13.1.1 SI, 13
- LRFD 1st through 3rd Ed.
- ASD 6th through 9th Ed.

- Version 9.2

- Most common sections according to BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 / BS 4-1:2005

Properties can be displayed in either their original units (English for AISC libraries, Metric for Canadian and UK) or converted to the opposite system with the click of a button.

[steel hd] allows sorting of the sections within a library given a specific property. Note that trying if the sort criteria does not apply to a specific library (i.e.: plastic modulus for ASD) or is not available for a specific section type (i.e.: IY for 2L sections in AISC libraries), that library / type will be sorted by the Default order, all other sections type for which the sorting criteria applies will be arranged properly (the actual sort value is alway displayed below the designation)
QUICK SEARCH: [steel hd] lets you find a section with a quick search function, where, for example, "W16 x 89", "W16x89" or simply "W1689" will locate the same section or its closest approximation.

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