›[steel uk]:   structural steel reference for the british market

Based on [steel], it provides access to the mechanical and geometrical properties, in metric units, of the most common UK Structural Steel Sections according to BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 / BS 4-1:2005.

Properties are provided for:

- Universal Beams
- Universal Columns
- Universal Bearing Piles
- Universal Parallel Flange Channels
- Universal Angles
- Universal Tees split from Universal Beams
- Universal Tees split from Universal Columns

FEATURES: ** BROWSE & SEARCH for sections in the main window

** SORT all sections based on a specific property, either in ascending or descending order.

** CONVERT units between Metric and English unit systems

** FLEXIBLE SEARCH lets you find a section in a quick, flexible way, reducing typing and the switching between the numeric and alphanumeric keyboard on the iPhone.

Instead of entering "UB 254 x 343 x 63" (which does work as well) you can simply input "UB25432363". Search is progressive and will always move to the closest approximation as you type.

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